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Costa Blanca Spain Weather Reports

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Welcome to Catral Dolores And Almoradi Weather Reports


The weather reports for Catral Dolores And Almoradi are produced by my own weather station which is located in the in the farm land or rustic land surrounding all three towns.


Even though where it is located falls within the Catral boundaries, it is roughly with in equal distance of Dolores, El Saladar and Almoradi


The weather reports are generated every ten minutes for graphs and weather condition which can all be found on the advanced weather reports


Or you can view our live weather report that updates every five minutes


As well as our weather reports and data being found on the Spain Weather web site we also broadcast the Catral, Dolores and Almoradi weather to the Weather Underground where you will find a choice of web site stickers


Weather watching has been a hobby of mine for several years and this web site is only an extension of that hobby. Every one has a closet hobby and in my case it is weather  watching


All the weather images through the Catral Dolores Almoradi weather reports update every fifteen minutes, you will have to update your screen each time to see the changes


About The Weather Station

The weather station in use is an ELV WS2500PC.

All the sensors in use including the temperature sensors, wind and rain sensors etc are wireless sensors. This has enabled better positioning and enables better weather reporting and weather data gathering. By not being limited to where you can and can not run wires for the sensors.

As with anything in Spain, getting the station set up and recording accurate data has been a pain. With several set backs this year including loss of the hard drive on the computer where the data is gathered, through power cuts and power spikes, to storms corrupting every sensor

But everything is finally set up and running smooth  

Live Weather Reports.